About the Youth Guidance Project

Youth Guidance Project

View the final guide online

Since November 2008 members of the DFID-CSO Working Group on Youth (see Project Committee members below) have been developing a ‘How to’ Guide for multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors. The aim of the Guide is to assist, steer and support donor policy and programming with and for youth, by offering a menu list of easy to use resources and case studies of good practice. As the former President of the World Bank, James Wolfensohn has stated:

‘There are six billion people in the world today; 2.8 billion are under the age of 24, and 1.8 billion under the age of 14.You cannot ignore the fact that half the world is under 24.’

Youth (aged 15-24) are a growing and significant proportion of both target beneficiaries of development programmes, as well as, an underutilised resource of initiators and implementers of development.

This blog records the process of creating the Guide. The guide itself is now available at http://www.ygproject.org.


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25 Responses to “About the Youth Guidance Project”

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So great to see this go live! Really looking forward to following the developments of the project over the coming months.

I believe youth are the future professinals, future business people and we are also vibrant with alot of energy and we need to redirect that energy to development programmes through friendshipand fun,which I can call fun with a purpose.

This is great. I am sure the ‘How to’ Guide will be benefitial to youth and young entrepreneurs.

Ma father involved me in his Chalk business when I was in primary 4.We begun the timber business together. This gave the courage to be more serious with ma studies coz I knew how hard getting money is.I am happy the youth are part of dev’t.

It’s good way to support youth participation.

Fantastic! You may want to check out http://www.child-to-child.org and my site http://www.youngsolutionsinternational. I would be delighted to contribute in some way.

Hi Clare, are you involved closely in Child-to-child or just interested in the work they do? I was interested to see that they are in partnership with Unicef as that’s an organisation i’ve got a bit of history with. It would be good to chat about it.

Hmmmmmmm, it sounds and looks very great, If youth are given the previledge as you are doing, I am sure it will contribute a positive iniciatives to developmental areana this Globe planet earth.

Hi guys

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. It’s great to heard from you! Please do check out the various documents we’ve uploaded and send us your feedback.

Youth Participation Officer

Could u provide me the nepali version of International Youth Day slogan? Sustanability:Our challenge our future.

it seames common between ouer work

I would aske how we could work toghoter in Palestine

Hi Ashraf and thanks for your comments. Our intention is that, as well as being a valuable resource for practitioners who want more ideas on youth participation, our finished guide could also act as an advocacy tool for young people and CSO’s seeking to encourage donors and governments to invest in youth participation. I’d be interested in discussing this more so feel free to email on derek@ygproject.org . Best Wishes


I was just introduced to this site. This is great! We have a web-based youth magazine called V.E.N.T! here in Nepal. Perhaps you may be interested. http://www.ventzine.com. Again, what an awesome site…thank you! Yuko

Very valuable initiative. In some countries youth are categorised as up to 29 years. It might be worth at least identifying those countries which have an older age limit for ‘youth’ and making it clear how the interests of older youth will be recognised.

Hello Anthony and thank you for your suggestion. Whilst our overall definition of Youth encompasses the extreme you have referred to, we have endeavored wherever possible to specify the age range of young people participating, any special requirements they have and measures taken to include them as effectively as possible.

How far have you involved Youth with Disabilities in your Project strategy?

Hello Robert and thanks for your question.

An integral aspect of our work has been to highlight the need for inclusive approaches to youth participation that are sensitive to the needs of marginalized groups, including young people with disabilities. If you have any suggestions and guidance on particular methodologies and projects that address youth with disabilities we would really like to hear from you. you can contact me at derek@ygproject.org

Best Wishes


Derek, Thanks for your comment. I will generate the suggestions and send you an e-mail.

Such an innitiative is a prerequisite for any country’s development. In many of our societies youth and the pivot of their lively hood. As such efforts to engage them in development innitiatives should encouraged and supported.

Indeed Youth participation in all programmes is very vital. Donors should now check out whether organisations involve Young people in their programming. Youth are always left out because they are not good enough to develop their proposals that can help them access funding towards their good projects. Youth need to be empowered so that they are able to handle their problems.

Kyeswa Johnson
Programme Coordinator
The Uganda Students Aids Prevention Association (TUSAPA)

Many governments especially in developing and third world countries exclude youths while formulating development policies and in decision making. How can you help youths in such countries overcome this ghost of exclusion? Can you support an organization aiming to empower young people and advocating against this exclusion?

This is a good comment. I support your query,Jeremia.

Hello Jeremia

Our guide incorproates case studies and formative reccomnedations aimed at overcoming this exclusion. I would be interested to hear from you Please do email at derek@ygproject.org with details of your organisation.


this verry good but some things are missing

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